Handmade Haven began with a need to make things after the death of my Mum at an early age.  Crafty hands turned to soaps, and the need to know what I was putting on my skin.  I wanted something that was as natural as could be, with the bare minimum and the best ingredients I could find.  Fast forward a few years and that need to know has turned into a passion for stocking bathrooms with simple earth-friendly bath treats and linens, helping my customers reduce their impact on our planet.  I also wanted to make sure that everyone could use my soaps if they wanted, so there are no animal-based ingredients in any of my products. 

Sourcing fabrics that were organic was hugely important too, as the fabric industry uses vast quantities of water and pesticides on the crops.  This also means that the pads can be composted at the end of their life.  I also like to re-use fabrics rather than purchasing everything new, so finding vintage and retro fabrics is a wonderful part of my business – why produce more when we already have awesome resources available?