My packaging choices have been very important from the very start of Handmade Haven. I wanted things that were earth friendly, that could be reused, composted or recycled. Here’s a list of everything I use:-

Product Packaging
ItemUsed ForMade FromEnd of Life
Glass jarsSalts, all scrubs, fizzesGlassReuse, recycle
Aluminium tinsFace scrub samples, balmsAluminiumReuse, recycle
Tin tie bagsMelts, saltsRecycled paper, steel stripCompost, recycle
Glassine envelopesSoap minis, meltsPaperRecycle
Biofilm envelopesSalt sachetsPotato/corn starchCompost
Washi tapeSalt sachets, meltsPaperRecycle
Gift boxesGift sets40-90% recycled boardLeft unbranded so you can re-gift, keep & reuse, recycle
Gummed paperFastening linen labelsRecycled paperCompost, recycle
Greaseproof paperSoaps, fizzesRecycled paperCompost, recycle
Corrugated cardDecoration on gift boxes and soapsRecycled paperReuse, compost, recycle
Kraft paperAll labels, leaflets & notesRecycled paperCompost, recycle
MuslinFizzesOrganic, unbleached cottonReuse, compost
RibbonsDecoration on gift boxesNatural fibres – cotton/hempReuse, compost
Wood slice discsDecoration on gift boxesHand-burned by a local artist using fallen timberKeep, re-gift
Cord, jute, twineDecoration, securing itemsNatural fibresReuse, compost
Tissue paperGift sets, packingRecycled paperReuse, compost, recycle
Shredded paperGift setsRecycled paper (reusing packing paper)Reuse, compost, recycle
StickersSealing envelopes/packetsRecycled paper, glueCompost, recycle
Luggage labelsLinens, gift setsRecycled paper, cotton stringReuse string, compost, recycle
Kraft card & envelopeCards, wheat bag instructionsRecycled paperCompost, recycle
EnvelopesWholesale salt sachetsRecycled paperReuse, compost, recycle
Postal Packaging
ItemMade/Obtained FromEnd of Life
Packing peanutsCorn starchReuse, compost
BoxesI reuse all suitable boxes first, then bought in from recycled paperReuse, compost, recycle
StickersRecycled paperRecycle
PaperI reuse all paper packaging, my own paper waste, I obtain manufacturing paper roll ends to reuseReuse, compost, recycle
Paper tapeRecycled paper, natural rubber-based glueRecycle