Essential Oil Allergens

Below is the pdf list of 26 allergens found in perfumery materials.  I have included their INCI name, the number assigned to them (CAS – Chemical Abstracts Service), their origin, and then the essential oils where they are found, that I use in my products.  The limits of 0.01% (rinse off products) and 0.001% (leave on products) were set.  I have listed all POTENTIAL occurrences.  (Essential oils that carry a higher quantity of allergens are limited in their usage through the CPSRs that are a legal requirement when selling any cosmetics.  This reduces the risk to the consumers – I include all potentials to reduce that risk further, even if there are none present.)

Cereal Allergens

Oats are the only cereal I use. These are found in the Oatmeal Soap and the Orange Scrub Soap.

Nut Allergens (Tree)

Ground almonds are used in the Almond Soap. I use sweet almond oil in all the body scrubs, face scrubs, foot scrubs, the fizzies and in the lip and body balms.