Indie Rollercoaster

Indie Rollercoaster Make it Happen

I cannot begin to describe what the Indie Rollercoaster group has done for me over the past few weeks.  Let me back-track slightly – at the beginning of the year I had a part time job along side trying to run my own business.  This job was low paid, very stressful and had very unpredictable working hours.  Not good when trying to run your own business too.  So after discussing it with my Hubby, I left at the end of April.  Welcome to scary world!  Now I have to make sure my business definitely works as there’s bills to pay.

A lovely friend told me about this group on Facebook who are very helpful and friendly.  Oh my gosh!  This is not just a group, but a community of lovely people who are only too happy to share their knowledge and expertise.  And even a virtual hug if it’s needed.  I’ve given myself so much work to do (all good stuff) through the help and advice on here.  I’m taking it to the next level starting from next week as there’s a membership group where I’m going to learn even more stuff!  I’m sure I’ll be right out of my comfort zone, but that’s all to the good.  Bring it on!

Feel the fear…

Woohoo…I think I’m finally getting there with this website stuff.

I am a member of an awesome Facebook group which supports indie biz folks through every possible thing you can think of.  On a Friday there is a ‘Feel the Fear and do it anyway’ post where members share their positive stories from the week – however big or small.  It’s an awe-inspiring post as you can imagine…well today I can definitely say I’ve managed it and come out on the other side.