I love to make things, to craft, to use my hands and my imagination...I inherited these wonderful gifts from my Mum, my Nan and my Grandma.  These amazing women inspired me, encouraged me, helped me, taught me.
I make things that I love and that I hope someone else will love too.  I like to use felt, although it has to be pure wool felt as it is such a gorgeous material.  Pure wool or cotton for knitting and crocheting is a must too....as is the wool from the new spinners' stall that has just opened on our local Farmers Market.  I love to use vintage fabrics...charity shops are good places to find these. 
I don't really use patterns!  I like to use the image that comes to my mind...sometimes it takes a while for that image to materialise, but it does get there eventually.  I like to try new crafts too.  Sometimes I enjoy them...sometimes its not for me.  There has to be something on the go all the time.
Wife to my best friend and mother of three boys, who also loves Harry Potter, reading books and watching films.
Michelle Good